Hotel Lugano Dante, a well-known accommodation facility in the Swiss resort of the same name, has requested user tests on the desktop and mobile website in order to test the usability and user experience of the website:

The goal was to improve the navigation path in order to increase the direct conversion rate of the website; identify the possible structural obstacles that the user encountered within the site to understand how to act to increase the pleasantness and fluidity of navigation.

A second part of the analysis was centered on the MyPage platform, where the user, after booking, can proceed in choosing the additional services to be integrated.

NeuroWebDesign Srl has analyzed a sample of 22 users, through Human Behavior Research (Human Behavior Research) technologies: Eye tracking, EEG and GSR to analyze eye movements and cognitive changes and physiological activation during site navigation .

The triangulation of the data between electroencephalogram, eye tracking and GSR allowed to have a specific and objective picture of consumer behavior in response to the stimuli presented.