Analysis Objective: Logo design + Market benchmark

Selle Italia srl, a leading company in the bicycle saddles market, has decided to understand which values ​​are associated with its own brand identity and its own logo. Moreover, it wanted to understand which, among the various new logo proposals, should include certain values, ​​considered indispensable by the company to evolve the current logo.

The sample collected for the analysis had only one common characteristic: to be a professional cyclist / amateur cyclist.

In order to arrive at a decision validated by scientific data, we relied on an Eye Tracking analysis, where the different logos of Selle Italia and the ones of its main competitors were shown.

To understand which values ​​were associated to the different Selle Italia logo proposals and to the competitors logos, an IAT test (Implicit Association Test) was conducted, essential for analyzing “what the consumer thinks but does not say”.