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Your User-friendly Website

We strongly believe in the concepts of usability and user experience: we want to create a valuable experience for consumers browsing your portal and, at the same time, increase the conversion rate (and direct revenue) of your website. This is why we rely on the most modern technologies and the neuromarketing levers in our usability analyzes. We will help you improve the performance of your website and make it more user-friendly.

Eye Tracking allows you to monitor and record the user’s eye movement while surfing the web or watching an image or video. It is able to accurately capture how long an area of your interface is viewed, after how many seconds comes up to the user’s radar and in which order the different zones of an interface are viewed.

Using Eye Tracking in a usability test determines the elements of success and weaknesses of your website. This type of information can rarely be collected through more traditional web analysis tools (Google Analytics, mouseflow, etc …).

EEG: We Measure Emotions

The EEG (or electroencephalogram) is a device that records and measures the electrical activity of the brain through intricate electrodes positioned on the head of the tester subject.

The EEG allows you to measure and record the emotions and moods (concentration, stress, calm, fun, etc…) of a user who surfs a website to optimize and elevate his User Experience.

We conduct our usability tests on users of different age, gender, nationality and web skills. Who, during the test, once in a comfort-zone, are invited to complete predefined objectives.


Ask for a Usability Test

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